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The best tool to rent your property as a Holiday Home

Ever spent time online looking to rent a home for your family holiday? Property after property, looking through the photos and wondering what has been edited out and what it will actually look like when you get there.  If you are an owner looking to rent out your property as a holiday home, then you have probably already realised that your potential customers are doing just that and that no matter how good your still photographs are their authenticity is being questioned and, because you are not there to answer their queries, you are no better than all the other professionally photographed properties.


Now imagine, if in your listing on Airbnb or whichever portal you use, in the description you have a note “Virtual tour available upon request”, now will that set your listing apart from your competition?


With our virtual walkthroughs not only do your potential customers get to see a 3 dimensional walkthrough but get to explore the entire space using taps and swipes on their phone or PC.  Tags within the virtual space allow you to communicate with your potential customers pointing out the selling points of the property and outlining why they and their family will have a great holiday by renting your property.  With our virtual tours there are no surprises for your customers and they are confident booking your property rather than any other to ensure the success of their precious holiday.

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