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Get your hotel rooms rented at the best prices


Every Hotel or Boutique Hotel owner/operator knows that keeping rooms occupied at  the best prices is paramount. In this era, having the best tour operator no longer cuts it and every property must fight for bookings online.  Today, every property receives the attentions of professional stagers and photographers and all rooms, lobbies and facilities have a five star look.  This means that every Hotel looks great and frankly, it’s often the price that ends up getting you the booking, frequently cutting into your deserved profit.


What you need is an advantage, something that will set you apart from your competition.  Virtual tours will achieve just that by allowing your potential customers to thoroughly explore your property and see the value that you truly offer. Your customers will be able to navigate on their devices and explore all the features of your hotel, your reception, facilities and even the rooms and bathrooms.  Intelligently placed tags can communicate hidden features and sell benefits to your customers.

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