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The best solutions to get your property rented with the least hassle.


We live in an online age where pretty much most of what we need can be acquired or at least researched on a device.


Home rentals is definitely one service that is researched heavily online. Because of the limitations of “selected” images, potential tenants rightly insist on personally visiting the property before committing to renting it. Particularly if they intend to live there for one year or more. The result is countless visits by agents and tenants alike, many such visits not resulting in a lease.


Now, with the latest technology, an immersive 3 dimensional, 360* walk-through or what is commonly known as a Virtual Tour, prospective tenants may from the comforts of their own home on any of their devices, indeed even before they reach our shores, explore a potential home not by looking at selected pictures which allow the mind to wonder “What was left out on purpose”. With VT they can not only see a video like tour of the property but navigate to each and every nook and cranny at will.  They may not only thoroughly inspect the property but the furniture, the outlook from the balcony or terrace and even the foyer. In each room they may find tags that will open up to display an inventory of items that are to be found in that room. Frankly with the ability to freely communicate and exchange documents online tenants from close or afar may comfortably choose to rent a property before they arrive.


For the Lessor what all this means is that they do not have to consistently provide access to an endless stream of potential tenants once they have their space captured in virtual reality.  Our walk-throughs are an OPEN HOUSE that is made available 24/7 to visitors near of far. Practically a virtual agent on steroids.

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